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What is Animation for a Cause?

Animation for a Cause (A4C) is a non-profit organization, founded on June, 2013 in Mexico City, which aims to raise awareness and provide support to social causes and NGOs through one-minute animations.

Why Animation for a Cause?

There are hundreds of non-profit organizations throughout the world; each one of them is after a particular dream and looks to exert positive action. Nevertheless, one of the main problems they all face is the lack of public promotion, diffusion, and knowledge needed to create quality communication contents that will raise funds and thus achieving their goals.

We want to give these organizations the opportunity to spread their message to a wider audience, via animations.

Video has become a powerful communication tool, it is easy to share, and it can simplify complex issues and convey them in an understandable, attractive way; thus creating a bond between sender and recipient, in a really quick fashion.

We believe a better world can be created. We want to do what we love, while helping others while doing it. Many people around the world have things to say, stories to be told, and they certainly need help; but must of the times, they lack the required means for their voices to be heard.

Who constitute Animation for a Cause?

We are an international team of collaborators from different areas of expertise, coordinated by a head office in Mexico City. Several different professionals collaborate in each of our projects: designers, animators, musicians, script writers and voice talent from diverse regions of the world. This particularly flexible and plural structure allows us to encourage diversity and teamwork, thus giving a unique quality to each of our projects.

For instance: a London-based animation studio creates the design and animation, while the score and sound effects are later developed by a composer in Barcelona, and the script will be narrated by a little boy in Quito and a girl in Los Angeles, all this with the purpose to sponsor the construction of a children’s orphanage in the state of Morelos, in Mexico. This was our first project.

Why use one-minute animations?

An average person spends 15 minutes a day on YouTube, which has more than 800 million visits and 4 billion hours worth of video watched on a single month.

We know that causing a positive impact is though. Most people do many things at the same time and get easily distracted; yet we also know that if we excel at what we do and achieve to touch people’s hearts, our audience will be just one click away to engage with the causes we animate.

No matter what their size or location is, non-profits all over the world can be benefitted by the use of animation as a powerful tool to get their stories told and connect with people watching them.

A well-crafted animation can achieve the communication goals of any cause, be it to collect more donations, allure volunteers, or simply make their effort known. Animation arouses interest, triggers emotions, inspires people to share content, and even persuades them to get involved; in other words, animation encourages participation.

Why make a donation to Animation for a Cause?

By supporting our initiative, you are investing in the growth of the social causes we are involved with, giving them a chance to rely on a quality tool to help them grow and achieve their dreams. We endeavor to spread the word for social causes that lack enough opportunities or means; and as we do so, we look forward to be able to help more people, one minute at a time, doing what we do best and offering the best quality tools for those involved to reach their goals.

What are collected donations used for?

With the donations we receive through our website, we pay professionals collaborating in each of our animations; each one of such professionals is hired project-wise. That way we can cut costs by avoiding the payment of fixed wages. Furthermore, the more resources we are able to collect, the more animations we’ll be able to produce, employing more people and supporting more causes.

How do I request a tax-deductible receipt?

If you make a donation for more than one hundred Mexican Pesos you can request a tax-deductible receipt by checking the appropriate option in the bottom part of the donation form. If you make your donation via Paypal, add your request on the comments section, or contact us, and we’ll send you a tax-deductible receipt.

Where will the videos be shown?

Animation for a Cause web site is our interaction and communication center. Donors, collaborators and the general public will be able to see all animations created through our initiative, catch the latest news about ongoing projects, and even engage with involved causes through links to direct them to their websites. Furthermore, these will be shown on our Vimeo page and social networks.

How to apply for my cause to be considered?

If you are part of a non-profit or social cause you can apply directly on our site, by filling the online application form and attaching a proposed one-minute script (180 words approximately). This form will allow us to gather general information about your organization, as well as to know the scope of your cause, the use and distribution strategy for our animation, and so be able to choose those candidates who will benefit the most from our work.

How does the selection process work?

Once you have sent your application form, our board (made up by a group of experts in social causes, animators and non-profit members) will go through the several causes we receive, and then will assess which causes are more likely to result in the greater impact and so to be best benefitted by our work. Once a cause is selected, a team will be assembled to do the work for them. At absolutely no cost for them.

How does the team at Animation for a Cause work?

When a project is chosen, a meeting between the organization and the A4C team is held; main issues to be conveyed, intended audience, as well as the script previously sent with the application will be discussed there. Once the script is ready, the job is relayed to the art team, whose members have complete creative freedom, from design style to narration and score. That way, we intend each of the involved parties focuses in what they do best.

Once selected, what about development time?

If your cause is selected, we will reach you as soon as possible. Once the script is complete and approved, the creative team will be assembled according to the project needs, and it will take an estimate of six weeks to be developed (approximately).

How can I reach you? I want to be part of your team!

The best way to get in touch with us is through our website, or you can email us at hello@animationforacause.org and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.